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Headbands for comfort and style.

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Headband, a small accessary yet so very useful, a must have item for a stylish woman.

Especially in these COVID times, it is so essential to keep the hair away from the face, when hair fly into the eyes or come on the face, one tends to brush them away, touching the face, eyes, nose and the mouth. By now friends we all know it’s the nose/mouth/eyes that are the entry points for this dreaded virus. So, using a headband makes sense.

I always keep one in my handbag, on my dressing table, in my bathroom, also in my Gym bag.

A large variety of hairbands/headbands are available online. Here are my recommendations, I myself have used them for some time, also I have taken views of some of my close friends who wear headbands on a regular basis.

Best are the ones made of soft material, with good elasticity, are comfortable to wear and maintain shape after repeated washes.

Colour Blast headbands made of polycotton and Aurhiko Terry cloth headbands have tape for adjustment. These are useful while applying makeup, oiling hair, using facewash etc. just ensure the tape has good quality Velcro that doesn’t open up.

Under Armour women’s hairbands though a little expensive, give a great grip and are super comfortable, these come in pack of six in three different colors. I love to use them for Yoga/workout.

Nike bands are another favorite of mine, I bought them online, there are three bands in a pack, with three different widths, I love these smart, trendy and oh… so comfy bands.

Faux hair plaited hairband with adjustable strap is also a must have accessory for a quick, sleek hairstyle, perfect for an outing with friends.

Toothed plastic hairbands in plain black and tortoise shell colors look quite stylish and elegant. These light weight bands gently secure the curly, wavy even frizzy hair and are a savior on bad hair/windy days.

Adventurous Divas may go for colorful, bohemian headbands, they are so feminine, so cool and they certainly pep up even a dull outfit!

Girls, you can carry them, go ahead, try something new, something exciting.

We are classy women,

we, go for the best,


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