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Declutter your HOME to de-stress!

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All of us just keep on accumulating stuff, the amount we keep adding far exceeds what we dejunk. Periodic decluttering offers so many advantages.

·     It improves health, you may ask, what is the connection? Friends, all the extra, unused stuff takes up space, gathers dust and, we all know dust deteriorates air quality, leading to respiratory problems.

·     It makes one decisive and, focused.

Letting go is not easy, one has to make difficult choices sometimes. I kept my wedding Lehnga for almost twenty years before giving it away to my house help who was getting married, she took it so happily and I felt so good.

·     Decluttering certainly reduces stress and helps fight depression. My almirahs are bursting with clothes, whenever I open them, a few things fall out, I can’t find what I am looking for, and perpetually I feel that I don’t have nice outfits to wear. It frustrates me no end, sounds familiar?

·     On top of it all, the home/workplace looks neat, spaces are created, the lesser effort is required to keep the area clean and to find things. Imagine how much time is saved, all this contributes to a feeling of happiness and wellness.

  Till my husband was in active service, we would be transferred to a new place every two/three years, packing up the complete household and shifting perforce made us discard a lot of unused stuff. But, ever since we have settled down permanently in our own house, so much has accumulated, we are overwhelmed.

Actually, I am writing this blog to push myself to get on with it, and, what can be better than this COVID time to take on this long-overdue task?

For the last two months almost every day, I would tell myself, “I will start tomorrow”. On some days I would do a little clearing up, feel happy, and then give up, this was going on forever.

The other day, I met Simmi, a colleague of mine, she mentioned that she used the KonMari method to declutter her whole house, she even showed me the before and after pictures. By Jove, what a transformation it was! She looked so happy and satisfied with herself.

Friends I Google searched this KonMari method,

The idea is simple, in nutshell, it suggests: –

Start with the Clothes, go to the Books, Papers, Sentimental possessions, and finally other things, in that order.

Starting with Clothes-

·     Collect all your clothes in one place.

·     Pick up each item and decide.

·     Will keeping it make you happy? Yes — Keep it

                                     No — Let it go

  *Finish discarding first.

  *Know where to store the things, you are keeping.      

Now I am on the mission, I am done with clothes, moving on to books.

Friends, I hope to have a decluttered home by the end of the month, already I am feeling so light and energized.

Do take the challenge girls.

All the best,


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