11 Aug, 20

BE an interesting PERSON

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I have a secret wish, my friends, I want to be a charismatic personality, a woman people gravitate towards……

Not a celebrity, just someone who lights up a party or a gathering.

Not an entertainer per se, only a lady who exudes charm, is fun to talk to.

Not a life coach or a preacher, but a person who can carry on an interesting conversation.

Most of us feel that we are not interesting personalities, we worry about people judging us, we fear their reactions, we doubt our own skills. So, we refrain from sharing our true selves and that is what makes us boring, insipid, uninteresting.

I used to envy people who could pepper their conversation with jokes, some couplets, appropriate quotes.

And I realized that it’s not an easy task, nobody gets it naturally, people consciously work towards this goal. Also, it is an ongoing process of observing, learning, practicing, and executing at every available opportunity.

lazy person can’t be interesting, so come let’s put in some work.

Do something different, something exciting, not the regular routine activities. Check out new places to eat, books to read, pursue something that’s worth talking about, make new friends from different walks of life.

Create an aura around yourself, people should look forward to meeting you, they should anticipate a great time in your company and girls let’s not disappoint them.

Whenever I am meeting people, I try to dress up imaginatively, I make it a point to add something attractive to my ensemble. It can be a chunky piece of jewelry, a colorful scarf, funky shoes, or a bag that pops out…. just some conversation starter. Also, I pay attention to what the other person is wearing and compliment them. But, please ensure that the praise is genuine, nothing can be worse than a fake compliment.

Your carriage, your personality, and your confident conduct are the things that impress people.

Be ready with some funny anecdotes, interesting life experiences, maybe share your bucket list, a book, or a movie that left an impact, a project that you are working on, weave these into your conversation.

I realized that my experiences and interactions with my young students, the pranks they play, their activities, generate lots of curiosity and interest. People start reminiscing about their own college days.

However, be careful friends, when someone is talking, pay attention, and be interested in their narrative. DON’T be a limelight hogger!

Come on ladies, let’s step up our game,

let’s shine, be vibrant and spread happiness.


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