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How to Remain Socially Connected!

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Do you know that birds fly in a V formation?

Because, this is how they draw maximum benefit while putting in lesser effort.

Ladies, we too can gain more by remaining socially connected.

Easiest and the best way to build social connection is to JUST LISTEN and be interested in people. Connection is the energy that binds us to each other and to the universe. Our Immune system functions better and friends in these COVID days when physical interactions are so restricted, we have to devise our own ways to build linkages, collaborate & co-operate, develop social bonds.

Being social certainly doesn’t mean trying to please people around you. It is just exploring ways to engage in group activities, encouraging relationships with like-minded people, finding joy in the company of others.

One can connect on various platforms on the social media, but friends chasing virtual friends is no alternative to real human connect.

Just think if a young, talented and successful person like Sushant Singh Rajput, who had millions of followers/ admirers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, can feel lonely in real life, does it make sense to spend time on the social media?

Enjoying one’s own company, just chilling at home, cooking for one’s own self and once in a while binge-watching one’s favorite shows, generally doing my own thing at my own pace is great fun after a hectic week at work.

But when we focus on ourselves only, over a long period of time, our world starts shrinking, our problems start appearing larger, bigger but when we focus on others, our horizon widens, our own problems shrink, we can connect better, we can empathize and sympathize with real people. In the process we become better humans in sync with society.

Albeit friends, as one retires, it’s a whole different ballgame. I retired in May 2020, during the lockdown period with Covid scare all around. So, no farewells, no goodbyes, an online farewell though beautifully done to bid adieu was organized and that was that.

All my plans to go spend a whole day just chatting and catching up with my sisters, friends and relations went haywire. A relaxed get away to our hill home in Nainital is a distant dream now.

However, social connect is so important for the emotional wellbeing and mental sanity; also, to remain up to date with the prevailing conditions, and to know how others are coping up with the situation.

I have devised my own ways to remain socially bonded.Two of my friends are very enthusiastic about gardening, every other day we exchange tips, send pictures of the flowers in bloom in our area. I have started making my own kitchen waste compost and am looking forward to see the results. I feel happy being close to nature and my friends.

In another group, we exchange recommendations, views and various serials/shows available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Television etc. it helps us find good content without wasting time surfing the internet.

I found great Yoga routine on YouTube, I and my friends are practicing it every morning.

A friend recommended me to download “Scrabble”, “Solitaire” and “Word Collect” on my smart phone. Sometimes we challenge each other on Scrabble, it’s so much fun, keeps the mind sharp and our vocabulary is improving.

Girls, this BLOG of mine is also an endeavor in that direction!

Friends, if you would like to recommend some activity that you love, please do share.

This platform is to connect with each other,    

to bond with each other,


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