04 Aug, 20

Friendship…..The best ship to sail through life!

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Friends, this BLOG is in celebration of The friendship day.

The value of friendship, especially for women is linked with higher self-esteem, lower stress levels and a more fulfilling longer life. As per a recent Harvard study–Solid friendships help promote brain health.

For us ladies a core group of friends, with whom we are totally our own natural selves can be so therapeutic.

Each of us have a wide variety of friends. In my life there are some, whose advise I value, with some, I can discuss my relationship issues, some are good sounding boards, some are my gardening friends, some  are my emotional support but it is  my CRAZY friends with whom I can be young again, I can have stupid fun, I can even make some lifetime stories to be recounted later with relish.

Nothing like a feisty, little wild, free spirited, adventurous group of girls to generate excitement in life. We share our funny life experiences, our follies, even our idiosyncrasies without holding back, without feeling embarrassed.

We all need to step out of our comfort zone, away from the staid, mundane roles that life thrusts upon us. Most of our lives we are dictated by the societal norms. It is up to us, to do something  different, something outrageous, something whacky to feel alive.

Last year this time we four college friends went to our hill home in Nainital. The daredevil of our group spurred us on to go PARAGLIDING, it was a totally  impromptu decision.

I go with my husband and with my boys to the same area so often, somehow as a family we always end up playing safe. I never even thought of doing this activity. My husband, an ex-defence personnel  would always discourage me from indulging in such risky sports , saying that in India, people do not take appropriate safety measures and I know he is right.

However, with these Crazy girls, once again we felt young, a bit foolhardy, ready to take risks and well we did it.

Whoaaaaa …..what an experience it was! Those five to seven minutes  floating up there  over the valley were exhilarating, watching those pics now gives  me such a kick and I can’t stop talking about it especially during these quarantine days.

Girls, a bunch of whacky friends is another ball game, with them you are a little reckless, you are young again and who would pass an opportunity to feel young again?

Friends are God’s gifts and a bunch with spunk is so much fun.

Cherish them ladies,

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