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Empowered women……empower women

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We women thrive when we complement and magnify each-others’ strengths. Boosting women in our own circle — socially, psychologically, politically, economically and with knowledge or education creates strong bonds.

When one supports others in any way, one gains friends, it enhances one’s own self-esteem and happiness.

Paying honest compliments to women in your life is the best way to create good vibes and earn stable friendships.

If someone is looking good…let her know,

If someone has a great sense of humor…appreciate, 

If someone has done some good work…complement her, talk about it in your circle.

If a woman has started a new enterprise…encourage her.

You are not in competition with anyone, so be generous with words of appreciation, they are free.

I have noticed, if someone says,” Wow you are looking great today, what have you done?”

It peps me up? I feel good about myself the whole day long!

Ladies never ever try to gain popularity by putting others down. Many a times we women talk ill of each other behind the back. Just remember if someone can bitch about others in your presence, she will surely pass nasty remarks about you too when you are not around. Encouraging this kind of behavior creates mistrust, steals yours and the other persons reputation and destroys valuable relationships.

As they say, when someone gossips, pass it through three steps….

*Does it have any truth in it?

*Does it give any positive information?

*Does it affect me in any way?

If the answer is no on all the three counts, do not pay any attention to it and DO NOT pass it on.

Sharing my own bitter experience, we were a group of four ladies till about three years back. We used to have lots of fun doing things together, chatting, sharing experiences, travelling, generally enjoying life.

It so happened that the husbands of two ladies of the group had an altercation, these ladies chose to take their spouses’ sides. One of them bitched about the other couple to all and sundry. All this created so much heart ache and bad blood that now these four women can’t meet cordially even at common social gatherings.

Funny part is that the men have made up!

So, friends, we women have to be extremely careful with our words and actions.

One can earn respect only when one is truthful, shows sensitivity, trusts and appreciates others. A self-centered, haughty woman can never have long lasting true relationships and friendships.

Girls, we must support each other, listen to others point of view, don’t ridicule or try to pull your weight around just because you are more educated, older, richer or simply higher in station in life.

We women can be each-others biggest enemy or the biggest pillar of support, choice is ours.

I pledge to be the TOWER OF STRENGTH,

What about you my friends,


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