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Cosmetic Procedures in Golden years…Yes or No

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The most exciting decades of  our lives are the 50s and the 60s. Many of us have had successful innings in our career as well as at the home front. Aging becomes quite obvious forty onwards, our body starts showing changes no matter how conscious we are with our diet and exercise.

Friends we are not interested in competing with youngsters but we do want to look graceful, gorgeous, confident, happy!

My first brush with a cosmetologist was , when my husband was frantically seeking treatment for severe sun allergy, we visited many skin specialists . During one such visit the Doctor treating my husband drew my attention to my skin condition.

Friend, I always assumed that at my age dull complexion, patchy droopy skin was a norm and my skin was comparatively in pretty good shape.

However the enthusiastic dermatologist recommended  me a whole plethora of procedures, promised me a ten year younger face and the cost……a whooping amount, almost Rs. five lakh! She was selling me Ultherapy, Fillers, Botox, and what not.

Friends please do not fall for the marketing pitch given by these money making clinics.

I asked her for some references to whom I could talk. I was not given a single contact detail, excuse given was “ we maintain client privacy”.

That is when I did my own research, drew my own conclusions and took my own decisions. I saved a lot of money, got amazing results and felt happy discovering a whole new way to better myself.  I am sharing my personal experiences with you in all honesty.

Ladies , a good oxy facial where concentrated oxygen is sprayed right into the outer skin after thorough cleansing and a soothing massage is much better and oooh so refreshing as compared to a regular facial. It helps in building collagen and improves blood circulation.

Micro-dermabrasion treatment, helps rejuvenate the skin, deals with discoloration, light scars and sun damage. Four to six sessions at an interval of about a month show remarkable results. I went for it last year, it certainly made me look brighter.

Laser skin resurfacing, makes the skin look younger and healthier, I get it done every once in a while, especially a week or so before a special event, it imparts a heathy glow, even smoothens out wrinkles to some extent, it is a completely safe  procedure.

And friends, do not neglect warts if you have any, get rid of them. I get a few on my neck area, Cauterization once in about two years takes care of the problem.

All these treatments are absolutely safe, give visible results, most importantly I feel pampered, confident and good about myself, that is what matters!

Go for a brighter, glowing you girls,

Go for the best and the safest,


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