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Easy makeup tricks for Senior Divas

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I wear my wrinkles, age spots, slackening skin with pride: these are  my souvenirs , the proof of my having lived a full feisty life.

However I do want cosmetics to make subtle changes, to make me look and feel my very best. I love to add colour to my dull visage and accentuate my interesting features, after all it’s me who sees myself the most on a daily basis…..I need to feel vibrant for my own self.

I apply a light makeup every single day when I get ready in the morning, irrespective of the fact whether I am going out or just staying at home.

Girls , Eyebrows are the most important and the most noticed features of the face. I have realised that with time my eyebrows have become sparse, instead of threading and tweezing , we need to fill them up gently. Nothing can be worse than harsh, too bold brows on a mature face.

Struggling with spectacles and trying to apply thin feather strokes with an eyebrow pencil is a daunting task…. not my cup of tea. I have discovered a great trick, friends  I enhance my brows with a MUSCARA BRUSH from an almost empty mascara tube, choose the colour close to your natural shade. With a little practice you can do the job in a jiffy.

Next comes an eyeliner, it defines and gives a good lift to the eyes. I use my home made KAJAL on a daily basis. In case you want me to tell  you how I make it, do let me know in your comments, I will happily share my secret.

Here are some extremely high quality eye kajals available in the market. Colossal Kajal by Maybelline, M.A.C crayon kajal liner, Lakme absolute kohl ultimate kajal , all these are good, smudge proof and long lasting. Do use the best. I use M.A.C liner on my upper eyelid only, as close to the lashes as possible, I use it only when I am out partying, otherwise my home made kajal works best for me.

The last daily make up drill is simply dabbing some colour on the lips.

Ladies do invest in some quality Lip Glosses and Matt Lipsticks, Buy the latest shades, Do not shy away from taking advice of the Cosmetic consultant at the shop. Lip gloss is easy to apply, there is no need to go for a lip liner , just use fresh light shades at home. Even lipstick, I just dab it on my lips, spreading it evenly with my fingertips. As a daily home routine a little colour on the face is a great mood enhancer. Mine vanishes in 2-3 hours, just the trace that remains is enough to keep me pepped up for the whole day.

Just three things every morning….. Mascara for the eyebrows, Kajal and a dash of Lip colour girls,

Party wear?  Be on a look out for another blog.

Keep shining ,


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