18 Jul, 20

Skin care for Mature women

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A daily skin care routine is essential for us ageless divas. Cleansing , moisturisation and exfoliation are the three steps that a woman of any age cannot afford to compromise on.

We cannot hide our age spots, wrinkles or the sagging skin, what we can do is strive to have natural, clean, glowing skin and to achieve that…..consistent efforts are required.

Girls do invest in a good FACE WASH, I use “ Kama Rose Jasmine face cleanser ”, every night. Of course , prior to that, do  remove any makeup that is there.

One can go for natural ingredients available at home too. My mother used to recommend cotton ball dipped in milk for summers and coconut oil for winters to clean the face at night, she would follow it up with a gentle face wash and ladies her face had an amazing glow.

For exfoliation I use Kama  Ayurveda Kumkumadi brightening Face Scrub, twice a week, it is very gentle and has a soothing natural feel.

Before sleeping I use L’Occitane ( immortelle reset) night serum to keep my skin hydrated. This is the only routine that I follow diligently.

The days I need to go out , I use Neutrogena sun screen SPF 30+.

Friends I am not selling any of these products, you might be using your own tried and tested products that suit you.

Do take care of your skin as this is the base on which we work on while applying makeup, better the base more amazing the results!

We mature ladies  certainly do not want pancake look, we are happy with subtle, soft, graceful makeup to enhance our looks; for that a good healthy basic skin tone is a must.

Another bane at our age are the skin spots, I have cherry red coloured tiny spots on my tummy, arms and legs. My mother too had them, I neither try to hide them nor have I tried any procedure to get them removed. You might be having your own patches/spots/skin tags.

Let’s  just wear them with panache, these are the trophies we have earned over a life time.

Warts if any can be easily removed, a doctor will perform simple cauterization procedure, it’s not expensive, causes hardly any pain, I get it done every two years or so. I find the home remedies for warts quite  painful and tacky.

So to sum it up friends, just 3 steps to a beautiful skin…

*Face wash followed by  a moisturizer at night.

*Face scrub, twice a week.

*Sunscreen, while stepping out during the day.

Keep at it…enjoy the results,

We owe it to ourselves,


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