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A woman with class is timeless

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A woman is CLASSY when she knows herself……understands her needs, her plus points, her shortcomings ; she is in sync with her body and her soul; she knows what pleasures her, what upsets her, what is important to her and what is of no consequence to her.

All of us have made adjustments in life some time or the other,  may be given up some of our desires, our aspirations, played the second fiddle for the sake of maintaining harmony in relationships and sometimes just to keep peace.

Yet we succeeded in balancing our lives, we are the fighters……we are the winners.

Friends ,“Class” is something that one cultivates and acquires over a lifetime.

 What is the hallmark of a classy lady?

*She sets high expectations.

It is up to us to try to get the best, “will do” just doesn’t work for us.

I always speak up and get things done as per my requirements, like on a dinner outing to a fancy restaurant, I am particular about clean fresh table linen, food served at the right temperature, proper service and courteous behaviour.

While buying a dress, I ensure that the adjustments are done as per my body type. I deserve the best!

*She enjoys her own company

We all have many friends, we are social, we love to party but our happiness must not depend on other people.

I enjoy doing things on my own. I take out time for my exercise routine, I love to read books; relaxing with a cup of tea and tending to my plants are  some of my favourite solo activities. I enjoy my me time. A classy lady is happy  in her own company.

*She sticks to her values and sets her priorities.

Ladies, do not get swayed by other peoples’ opinions, after all you have your own experiences and values, stick to what is important to you, what works for you, no need to be apologetic about it.

I am a night person, I am up late into the night, rather that is my most productive time, why should I stress about getting up early in the morning? I will adjust my day as I like. I am past that phase of my life when I had to get up early to send children to school and needed to rush for my early morning classes.

*She expresses herself unabashedly.

A classy woman expresses her emotions, puts across her point of view passionately, decides the way she dresses up, spends her money, shares her passion, her preferences without feeling guilty.

Girls, basically be vocal, if I don’t take charge of my own life, don’t speak my mind, don’t communicate my needs, who will?

*She lets go of toxic people.

Everyone has some neighbour, friend, relation with whom somehow one just does not gel well. If I am not happy to see someone, feel stressed in their presence or am uncomfortable around them why should I bear the strain of tolerating that person? I just avoid and cut off such toxic people from my life.

Classy ladies never ever get themselves in an awkward situation, they just circumvent and move on without getting distressed and without explaining themselves!

So all my classy divas,

Say no to “I am Sorry”, 


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