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Lovely Hands and Feet in an hour

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They say the most looked after part of our body  is the face, while well-groomed hand and feet are the hallmark of a stylish lady. Girls a little attention to these often neglected parts can turn you into a style icon.

Quick and easy way is to simply keep them clean, well moisturised and interestingly painted for that oomph look. Regular pedicure and manicure is a must for us, however in these lockdown times, we don’t want to take un-necessary chances, so a good scrub, nail filing and self-massage with Vaseline or a natural oil is the best option. Anyway we are not moving out much.

Here I am sharing my personal family secret for soft and supple limbs.

Mix the juice of two lemons , one table spoon Glycerine and four table spoons of Rose water in a glass bottle,  keep it refrigerated in summers. Shake the bottle before applying……Oh so soothing, fragrant and totally non-slippery. After about half an hour wash it off with regular tap water. I generally apply it before I go for my bath.

For filing my nails I use glass or crystal file. They have a gentler grit, are easy to handle and are safer for the nails, other nail files made with emery board or plain metal are harsh, they may damage  your nails.

Foolzy Glass nail filer or Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail buffer available on amazon.in are good options.

I just replaced the pinks, browns with unconventional nail paint colours like electric blue, glossy green, lemon yellow, purple. Initially I was hesitant, thinking what will people say? But then its my life and I want to add colour to it!

First I changed to these funky colours only for my toe nails, stray complements encouraged me and now I sport them on my finger nails too. OPI and Chambor are good brands, the paint lasts longer and doesn’t chip easily.

Come on girls, experiment with the great choices available in the market……. Let’s be playful, be lively, as they say why should youngsters have all the fun????

Usher in brightness,

Join the party ladies,


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