04 Jul, 20

Be The Queen of Comfort

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We all want physical comfort, If I have no pain does it mean that I am comfortable? Normally Pain is there to tell me that I am doing something which is not good for my system.

If I have a headache due to some loud sound, I can move away from the noisy place or I can use earplugs. But how to handle pain/discomfort that is due to some lifetime habit? For example, slouching while sitting, hunching my shoulders, frowning, these are constant muscle contractions that may be the cause of my niggling back ache, shoulder and neck pain, may be these frown lines on my forehead are a result of my constant scowl.

All that I need to do is consciously learn to relax my muscles. Be aware, pay attention, walk straight, sit upright, keep the facial muscles relaxed. It will take time, but persistence pays. Afterall when one has cultivated these wrong postures over a lifetime, it will take some effort and time to correct them. I refuse to live in discomfort, period.

The GARMENTS that we wear contribute to our comfort in a major way. Natural fibers like linen, cotton, modal, silk and wool are soft, soothing and absorb sweat, breathable fabrics are more suitable for our Indian climate, they prevent body odor too.

I get long dresses, Kaftans, palazzos, relaxed tops stitched for myself to wear at home. Fortunately, in India we have access to personalized tailoring at reasonable prices. I choose smart, interesting designs on PINTEREST, do download this app friends, there are umpteen ideas to choose from, be creative and wear stylish outfits at home too. All this exercise makes me feel good about myself.

Designs from PINTEREST–

 Comfortable FOOTWEAR is the next most important requirement. By the time I was in my late fifties, foot ache became my constant companion. Ever since I make it a point to choose my home slippers carefully, after all I am wearing them for 8-10 hours each day. I have to have cushioned sole, arch support and a good grip yet it should be easy to put on and take off.

Though walking barefoot at home is the best for me, I love the cool floor and my unrestricted feet bless me for doing so.

Comfy footwear available online.

Another factor that is so important for me is the TEMPERATURE. My sons call me Air-condition Mamma, I sweat a lot, hate hot and humid weather. I refuse to go for walks outdoors in summers. Dear ladies, I have earned my right to physical comfort by this age, no need to feel miserable.

Let it be known to your friends and family what works with you, maybe you are sensitive to some other parameter, well it is what it is!

Leaving it here on an unapologetic note,

Yours truly,


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