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Four ways to cultivate ZEST FOR LIFE

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Nobody likes a grumpy face nor a person cribbing about past, people or circumstances. It is so natural, we tend to avoid negativity, everyone has his/her own issues to cope with, life is not easy for anybody. Yet some of us attract friends while others drive away even close relations and well-wishers.

Why is it so?

How to change the way world perceives us? How to be a delightful person, admired for the joie the vivre?

Paulo Coelho said: When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel positive energy, it shows you are happy and happy people are naturally attractive.

So, friends here are the FOUR TIPS to usher in ZEST in your life.

I have tried to inculcate them in my life and I feel they are working!

Appreciate Nature…. Each morning I sit with my cup of tea on the bench in my little patch of green. I have more than hundred plants in pots arranged on my patio. Observing a newly opened bud, little birds flitting about, one odd butterfly hovering around, fills me with wonder. This morning hour is so precious to me, I sort out my thoughts and feelings, my little paradise gives me a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Do inculcate the habit, this lockdown period is the best time to be close to nature.

Enjoy routine activities…. I have taken to going through my day at a leisurely pace. I have stopped watching television while eating, instead I pay attention to the food in front of me, I savor it, connect with the flavors, herbs, condiments, relish the taste. Earlier I would eat hurriedly, gulping down my food, it also made me eat more.

So double benefit, enjoy what you eat, feel full and contented with smaller portions…….a win, win situation.

Rediscover your hobby…. As kids we used to have hobbies, in the rat race of life many of us have forgotten the pleasures we derived from such activities. I remember dry pressing flowers as a kid, at one time I had close to 200 flowers that I used to proudly show to my friends, exchanging and bartering these treasures was another highlight of my childhood days.

For many of us, all those creative, fun activities are now replaced with mindless television viewing, online games and mundane gupp sessions read “Bitching sessions” ……total waste of time.

Few years back, I started learning the art of Clay Sculpture, it gave me immense pleasure and a sense of achievement. I have a few pieces adorning my home and they make a great conversation topic.

Invite novelty…. Routine is good, however doing the same activity in a different way makes it more interesting. I love exploring my neighborhood, for my walks in the evening when the weather is good, I try to take a different route each time. Trying out a new recipe, watching the reaction of my family when something different is on the table, ordering a new outfit online, all these everyday activities become exciting, I keep wondering how the new dress will look on me, this anticipation is worth a lot to me.

Girls, be Zestful and have fun,

Cheers to life,


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