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Work towards a fitter YOU!

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As we get older, we must exercise regularly to keep our body in good condition. Though we should avoid strenuous workouts, we must undertake some activity to ensure balance, mobility and good posture. It’s not a good idea to push oneself too hard, if some activity is not comfortable, it’s better to avoid it.  Strive to keep yourself safe, start with an easy routine, slowly build up the intensity.

Most of us are doing or want to do some or the other form of exercise regularly … Walking, Stretching, Yoga, Zumba, Cardio.

Off and on I was suffering from knee pain and lower back ache. My X-rays and the Doctor’s report gave me a clean chit. I was asked to go for physiotherapy to improve muscle strength. I went to the Gym for the first time at age 63. Slowly I started with cycling and some step on exercises recommended by the Gym instructor. In about three months my knees and my back started behaving normal. I started with other slightly more strenuous routine. I persevered ever since. For me till this Covid lockdown started, gymming 4 to 5 days a week was a regular activity. I had been at it for the past two years or so. Last I went to the Gym was on 7th March. After that for 15 to 20 days I was completely at loss. I was missing the atmosphere, fellow gymers, music, the whole vibe. I couldn’t do any activity to keep myself fit, I tried going for walks but it was too hot for me, I felt suffocated with the mask, I was extremely uncomfortable, so could not sustain it.

It’s not just my imagination, I did start feeling flabby, grumpy and irritable.

Then I told myself,” Girl, pull yourself up, look for some ways to exercise, don’t allow yourself to let go. “

Luckily, we have a fairly good-sized basement, it was highly underutilized ever since my kids flew the nest.

I dug out an old DVD…24 minutes of yoga for 24 hours of energy. It takes me through a routine of stretching, balancing and breathing exercises.

You can play/download YOGA LIFE- Self learning Yoga video from YouTube, It works beautifully even when you follow it on your Laptop or iPad or simply on your phone.

 I follow this Yoga session with the “Break Free” routine by Bipasha Basu, it is another DVD… a 25 minute fun workout, so a total 50 minute session , mostly in the morning. Do check out the 30 Mins Aerobic Dance workout -Bipasha Basu on YouTube.

It keeps me in good shape, also I remain pepped up the whole day long.

Some days to break the monotony I play 4-5 zippy numbers that I love and just dance/move with the music. This is what these youngsters say is the Cardio exercise.

 It makes me feel super good, calms me and gives me a feeling of achievement, I am more flexible and graceful in my movements.

I take a one-day break after three days of workout.

Honestly, initially I found it a little difficult to cope up with, now after almost 65 days, I have become quite good at it. They say after 21 days, one gets used to a new activity— well, being a senior citizen, it took me triple the time!

If you are following some interesting regimen to keep yourself fit, do share your secrets, your inputs may motivate and encourage others too, may be sometime soon I will share your special workout routine on this blog.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Will be back soon Girls,


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