26 Jun, 20

60 is the new 30

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I am as old as I allow myself to feel and portray!

Our generation married early, we had our kids when we were still in early twenties and are grannies by the time, we touch fifty…. This is no age to think old, behave old, dress old.

I am as young as I feel in my head. Our Indian family system though amazing is designed to make us elders feel old, dowdy, devoid of desires. Especially where three sometimes four generations are living together under one roof.

When I was in my twenties, even thirties, I viewed people above fifty as old, senior citizens. Today I am past sixty and I abhor to be referred to as an oldie. You too my friends must have noticed this change in your attitude. Today’s youngsters feel the same way about us basically because our society has conditioned us that way.

I firmly believe that life is all about exploring everything that is out there. There is nothing age appropriate about understanding my needs/ desires, setting my own goals and trying to achieve them.

Watching Television, checking What’s-app/ Facebook every five minutes, plonking on the couch, cribbing about people, the past or situations beyond my control…. will not take me anywhere.

So how to get out of this rut????

Well here is the tried and tested formula….

Take one tiny little step at a time, start making small changes on a regular basis.

 You are not going to see results or feel any difference in a hurry. I know it can be frustrating. At times you may feel that

putting in all this effort is a waste of time.

*Like I start an exercise regimen, for a few days I continue with gusto and then I quit.

*I want to change the way I dress up; I start making small imperceptible changes, I am at it for some time and then I slide back to my old ways.

*Inspired by the glowing looks of my close friend, I start my own beauty routine, only to abandon it after a little while.

Remember Dear, if someone is glowing, dressing well, carrying herself / himself confidently, they have put in a lot of effort, have worked to achieve it tirelessly and consistently. So, if you want to see any results, persist, persevere, continue with your efforts, life is testing you to see how serious you are in your pursuit.

Now the million-dollar question…

How to do what you want to do?

Well, just go to Google.com, follow videos on YouTube, internet is there to help you out.

Quit making excuses, abandon self-pity, no complaining, stop saying,” I am old”, friends, especially for us life is passing by quickly. Focus on one area, one desire, one wish work slowly and steadily, till you see results.

 Remember, when will you do what you wish to do? if not now.

Sense of achievement after you have accomplished what you had set out to do will be an enriching experience, feeling …. PRICELESS!

Remain connected on this platform and do share your wining moment.

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