24 Jun, 20

I, Renuka Gupta, founder of this blog……” Senior josh.com “, retired recently as a senior professor of Life Sciences from a prestigious Delhi University college. I dedicated more than thirty years of my life reaching out to my young students, helping them understand the basic and applied concepts of the Biology of Self, Human physiology, Genetics, and Environment Science, also how these subjects have a direct bearing on their day to day life. Over the years many of them confided in me and sought scientific explanations for their personal life issues.

I started my first blog …” Renuka maam’s blog” on BlogSpot, way back in 2013. Basically, I wrote on Popular Science topics for my students. I was an extremely sporadic blogger. Now after completing my life’s duties, I am embarking on a new journey. Hence this new Avatar and a new blog.

This blog is to encourage senior people to pay attention to their looks, to their dressing style, and to the way they carry themselves.

 The moment I turned sixty, even people close to 50 started adding “Ji” to my name. This started playing on my psyche. Unknowingly I started dressing up dowdily, insipidly- in short, took to living as per other’s expectations. Balls…. I am not giving up on my joie de vivre! Why should my generation people look and behave the way society wants us to? So here I will be posting blogs about exciting ways to enjoy these golden years of my life. Join the party friends!

 I will be blogging about –

*How to incorporate the “keep fit” routine and stick to it.

*Chic dressing for girls my age.

* Wearing our elegant, traditional jewelry in interesting ways with panache.

*Using our accessories in imaginative and stylish manner.

*Simple make up tricks that we can use without struggling with our spectacles and magnifying mirrors.

*Shopping ideas and stores to visit without getting frustrated.

And much more as we go along on this exciting journey.

 This space is for us people in our golden age….by now I am done with my worldly duties. I am laid back, not very tech-savvy, reluctant to learn new tricks, yet I am a person who wants my share to attention, has an urge to re-orient myself to a new way of life. Children have flown away from the nest, they are busy with their own lives, I am feeling redundant. Equations are constantly changing …. The spouse is dealing with his physical and emotional issues. This COVID is putting additional strain, God knows for how long it’s going to be around.

In this scenario friends, I need to pep up my life with my own efforts. Let’s join hands, create a community, experiment, share our experiences, and encourage each other.

 Your views and comments are welcome, in case you are inclined to share your, special tricks, interesting experiences, oomph pictures, life-changing moments on this platform you are encouraged to do so, just drop a line giving details of what you would like to share.

 The goal is to reach out to you stylish, chic people out there who do not allow age to dictate the way they dress up and conduct themselves in society, who are comfortable in their skin, who are confident, who like to live life king size, who would like to build this vibrant community.

In three to four months I want at least 500 of you, style icons engaging on this platform, helping, boosting, cheering and, enriching each other’s life!

Look out for the next exciting Blog,

CIAO for now Girls,


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